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9th October 2005

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#21 14 years ago

It's definitely a BUY! The new weapons and tools alone make it worth it. We'll get tired of these new maps, too, but for now they're fun and different. Expect to get fragged a lot when you first start playing the new maps, until you get them figured out.

I love the zip line for getting into bases, and the grappeling hook is cool for getting into spots you never could before. You never know where people are going to be.

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30th April 2004

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#22 14 years ago

Sops If your game crashs when you try to pick up one of the new unlocks you must have messed something up when you patched.[/quote] Not necessarily. Sometimes the installer itself can mess something up. And in some cases the install had to be freshly done also.

[quote=deftond] why do you people even bother...this site should not be about craping on bf2 or ea games.....let people decide for themselves.... my advise is to listen to people who have played it, not from what they heard from someone else.

I aggree. Just because some people get some of the bugs it doesn't mean EVERYONE does. I didn't get the majority of the bugs people were complaining about from day one. It is like stories on Brands of Cars. For every good story about Ford this or Chevy that, you will hear someone Bash the hell out of them ... If you don't like it .. Take it back. If you can't take it back, you are buying from the wrong places.


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8th February 2003

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#23 14 years ago

I have to agree with others that it is worth getting! I got it yesterday and played around with it in SP and I can honestly say that I am impressed!!!

Mind you that I do not play BF2 as much as I used to but still this addon is nice.

I have not played it online as of yet. Need to find a server with a freindly environment. Last time I played online, there were some very childish people on the servers and I have not played online since.

I have a modest machine by todays standards and I thought that I was going to have stuttering/lag big time in the nighttime maps but amazingly, I actually have reduced stuttering/lag since installing the expansion and new patch. Well I should say the most recent patch. :)

All and all, if you like playing around with some new weapons and like to have some abilities that I wished were in BF2 in the first place, then this expansion is for you.

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23rd January 2000

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#24 14 years ago

If you like the infantry part of BF2 with close combat, SF is right up your alley. There are a few cool weapon unlocks, but they alone are not worth the 29$..

All in all I think its a rippoff.


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#25 14 years ago

I think so, the grap-hook works great for anti-tank to get to those hard-to-reach locations out of the direction at which armor can turn their turrets (and rocketsnipe like madd, ahem) The vehicles are pretty cool, they balanced the crazy firepower of the choppers nicely by making them harder to fly. The ATVs are little jihadjeeps. And some maps can do without certain vehicles because of balance issues. Urban fighting is about the most intense i have seen to date (kark and sharqi are beat easy) and quite fun. I am now able to easily rack up a k/d ratio of like 3/1 compared like 3/2 in vanilla...basically weapons hurt. PLus i got 3 unlocks and finished vanilla BF2's unlock list (yay). Its a very fun game, but some [tolerable] issues can get in the way at times.

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23rd June 2005

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#26 14 years ago

Special Forces makes me CRASH offline so often, I haven't tried it online and probley never will. I'll just pwn all the noobs on the regular BF servers to shake thing up (and add a F*CKING learning curve to otherwise forgiving game).