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Cloak Raider


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12th March 2006

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#71 12 years ago

Yeah, the crashes are infuritating. Especially on dedicated map servers. They play about 20 games then go down and don't resurface for about half an hour


I'm too lazy to snipe......

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18th January 2006

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#72 12 years ago

omg i so wanted the tango ramp to be lowered. in the instruction manual, they listed keys for lowering and raising vehicle ramps. stupid false advertising. ive always wanted that tango ramp to be lowerable, have a ramp in the chinook so you could carry jeeps, and also maybe have a ramp in the mi-8. i also had the bright idea for the whole team to pile into the back of the chinook for a huge paradrop, unfortunately, online players are naturally uncooperative though :(. itd still be awesome to carry jeeps and stuff inside your heil or boat