Craaaaazy Battlefield 2 Stunt Video -1 reply

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Gustav Graves

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20th February 2005

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#31 15 years ago

Great video, but folks: I haven't seen a c4 packed car before, so it's good for a few laughs if you haven't seen it before. I can't believe how you did those plane manuevers though, I mean threw the sewer pipe! Anyway, great video and it's pretty good for those who haven't seen c4 before. 8.6/9.9


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#32 15 years ago

Cool video and I liek the songsmilie.gif


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11th February 2003

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#33 15 years ago

I want to see some helicopter stunts! Even thought they are easier to pull unless you do something REALLY hard. Like barrel rolling under a bridge or killing someone with the heli's blades.

Ender Wiggin

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17th April 2004

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#34 15 years ago

I agree with the idea that if you think it's old hat or that you can do better, then put up or shut up. Make a video in concert with 10 other guys to help you film, edit, and perform then make it even HALF as good as the SiR community's videos, then you can say to the world "I can do that... but better." Otherwise, just enjoy them for what they are: videos that obviously showcase good teamwork, with a dash of humor, and skill. The thing that impresses me the most in that video isn't so much the actual stunts (which are awesome, btw) it's the editing. The cuts, the slow mos, the camera angles, final cleanup, everything looks downright sweet. Nice job, SiR!


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29th May 2004

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#35 15 years ago

Lets see here... 2 buggies flying towards each other. At their intersection: A heli just sitting there. Include a jet doing a barell Roll, and a couple c4 explosions, everyone dies at once, that would be cool.

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29th November 2004

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#36 15 years ago

I have to say i thought it was excellant and i have never seen anything like it before :bows: but then again once you have seen you wouldn't want to keep seeing the same thing over and over again :nodding: