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#1 15 years ago

You can also view this topic at: TotalBF2: [color=blue][/color] I created a small application that will past a ip address into the bf2 server browser..its alot easier then using the current AOE what the hell. The program is called "ForcePaste" can you take a guess on how it works? :D screenshot5ys.jpg Instructions: 1) Click "Start" once the program is launched, either before or after you launch the program copy the ip address. 2) Launch and/or alt-tab to bf2, go to the server browser and add a new ip, then press ctrl+v, and bam! you have a new integer friend ;) [color=blue]NOTES:[/color] This program was made specifically for bf2, of course you can still use it for other things that do not have a edit box, but make sure you stop the program after you get done playing bf2 otherwise normal applications that accept pasting will interfere with mine, the result? A horrifying view of double pasting text being slammed together like mash potatoes and gravy. [color=blue]Known Bugs:[/color] Sometimes ctrl+v will kill a letter due to the fact of ctrl interfering with the key input process and sending a different message as the result.(Rare occurrence) [color=blue]Download:[/color];3914213;/fileinfo.html NOTE: Download from the attachment below, also.


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#2 15 years ago

Awesome...thanks alot man :thumbsup:


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#3 15 years ago

thats cool thanks.