[FUB] Blacklisting ......... how about a [FUB] Boycott -1 reply

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#1 9 years ago

Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself and make you aware of a situation that has been brewing over the past 2 weeks concerning the [FUB] clan. My name is C.Page and I am one of the co-founders of the =NoC= NoClan Community. My clan mates and I have been blacklisted from all [FUB] servers based on unproven accusations and wanted to warn you and your clans that the same could happen to you. So what we are doing is circling a petition to boycott all [FUB] servers because of the blatant admin abuse that occurs there. Click here to view the petition: www.noc.clanservers.com/fubblacklisting.html If you have any questions just xfire me @ cpage74. Thanks for your time soldiers! =NoC= C.Page