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#1 12 years ago

[COLOR="DarkGreen"][/COLOR]For those of you who have tried the mod HeloAttack-SF v1 and liked it, then I have good news HeloAttack-SF v2 is out and can be found at www.heloattack-sf.com Mod Description... -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Handheld Weapons... ---------------------------- - Accuracy and power increased - Extra zoom added for scopes - Zoom added to stationary weapons - Improved range and explosion effects for C4, grenades, claymore - Increased damage - Grenade launchers range increased - More ammo Land Vehicles... ------------------- - Increased armor - Increased damage - Increased ammo - Muzzle flash effects changed - Tanks reload faster - APC have rapid fire missiles - ATV is 2 seater w/gun cannon Air Vehicles - music now plays while flying ----------------- Fighters Jets ----------------- - Increased number of bombs - Air to Air missiles lock on - Air to Ground missiles lock on Attack Choppers... ----------------------- - Pilot operated gun cannon - Pilot operated Air to Air guided missiles - Pilot operated Air to Ground guided missiles - Pilot operated hydra missiles - Faster response time Transport Choppers... ---------------------------- -Pilot operated gun cannon -Pilot operated hydra missiles Soldiers... ----------- - Increased run stamina - Reduced refresh time for stamina - Blood effects added Kits... -------- - Knives removed - Night vision goggles removed - Some weapons unlocked - More C-4 packs Maps... -------- All maps are single player/co-op 16/32/64. All 16 player maps are infantry only no vehicles added. All 32 player maps are heavy armor and transport choppers and all 64 player maps are all out hell in the air and on the ground. Map pack #1 contains. Map pack #2 contains. Dragon Valley Daqing Oilfield Fushe Pass Ghost Town Gulf of Omen Songhua Stalemate Kubra Dam Strike At Karkand Mashtuur City Surge Mass Destruction Wake Island 2007 Night Flight Warlord Operation Clean Sweep Zetar Wetlands Sharqi Peninsula jalaw [COLOR=darkred]contact@heloattack-sf.com[/COLOR]


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#2 12 years ago

I will take a look.