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#1 13 years ago

Just wanted to say hi to every one :cya: . And how much I like the game, now the patch V.2 has come out :) . Just reading the post about Noob's, being one my self. I've come from playing... MOHAA,COD. Then progressed on to Rainbow6 and JOPS, the later 2 games being no AI but against "real" players. I think BF2 is a realy good game, if not a bit hard on the old PC. I've found that as time goes by, the kids seem to not play the game as much becouse, they slowly learn it's not a all out Rambo sort of game. To me me this is the sort of game I've been looking for... Ie TEAM WORK. From reading what you guys have posted, this game seems to be what I've been looking for. But please remember we all were noob's at some point, takes time to learn all the keyboard commads let alone, that every guys you see in game is a real person... LoL As a noob... I like to take a back seat and play as a Medic or surport guy and let the more EX player get on with it. Any way thats my Rant LOL. HD (",)


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#2 13 years ago

Welcome to the Forums HotDog. I do agree with you, fair enough these people are new to the game and it hasn't been out for long, but the autohelp voice guy tells them what to do, and how to join a squad, and how to do many things while in game. Sort of on the spot training. Its not hard to press Caps Lock and join a squad and pick up your mic and start talking. It doesn't stop about 85-90% of the servers population normally being Spec Ops or Snipers and not joining squads but meh you can't win them all. I play Medic and support too mate, and IMO are the most enjoyable classes to play as. I recommend joining a clan, as it will become way more fun playing the game with an organised bunch of guys looking to play with teamwork. Its also good to be pretty familiar with all classes because the cornerstone of a good clan and squad is flexibility, being able to adapt to the changing situations.