i want my god damn badge! wtf EA -1 reply

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#1 15 years ago

about a week ago i recieved the basic knife combat badge but when i got it, my bf2 crashed out b4 the round ended. so i didn't get my badge. I've had this happen to me four times! WTF. everytime i get around 10 or so knife kills in 1 round i get this badge, then minutes later i'll either lose connection, crash out, get kicked for tks which i have not been done, or when the round finally ends and i think i have it, BAM it dies on me. i hate this game. uninstalled patch AMD athlon 2800+ ATI Radeon 9600 1500 DDR


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#2 15 years ago

I know how you feel for getting kicked for tks. One time I went to join a server, the map loaded up and right before it was going to let me join it said "you've been kicked by a successful kick vote or teamkills" I did not even get 1 sec in game. I know once I got basic helo and never got it. I had to win it again. I also have had the game die on me right at the end. It says "you won" or "you lost" then the game freezes and I get kicked back to my desktop. EA really needs to get their act together and fix these bugs.

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#3 15 years ago

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