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Klanwars Online Gaming Leagues is about to launch it's newest Battlefield 2 ladder. Our clan ladder system paves a new road for online competitive gaming. We provide clans and players with a completely customizable ranking system, a robust and powerful clan collaboration center, proven and effective anti cheat capabilities, individual warrior and clan titles, and a adminstrative back-end that gives league admins full control over all league data and ladder settings. We already have a hugely succesful Halo PC league with over 6800 registered warriors and over 200 matches played per day. To join the ladder, bring your clan and sign up. The coding has almost been completed and the ladder should be up and running for the launch of BF2. http://www.klanwars.com/default.aspx?League=39 Click the link and sign up. With your help we can make this the most popular and most active Battlefield 2 League around