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10th January 2005

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#41 13 years ago

Well I would say if you are experiencing severe lag then, 1) put all your graphical and audio settings on the lowest possible setting. 2) go to low ping games only. 3) cntrl/alt/delete to close all programs under your user name except explorer.exe and iexplore.exe and put any programs that refuse to close on low priority. If you still experience lag you have a crappy computer and/or have a crappy connection. At this time, I recommend going and purchasing the most expensive computer and getting cable internet. If you are low on money, then take out a loan. If you are not approved because of high credit card debt, ect. then keep the lag and everything, and wallow in self pitty at being in debt for the rest of your life and wishing you hadn't bought that yacht that got repossessed in 2 months. Because if this did happen, you deserve it and you should spend the rest of your life in misery for making such foolish and unresponsible choices. Uh... well ok then. I guess that got off topic a bit. But thats what I did, saved up a bunch of cash (not eating for several months helped too) and bought an extremely costly laptop and a rediculously priced cable connection. And I have no problems at all... and I am eating well once again too.


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#42 13 years ago
Sky CaptainWell, I have had lag, but not too noticeable. After unlocking my beloved G36C, I was able to get at least 20+ points every time I play.

i have played with you several times, What kit is the G36C with? I unlocked the sniper rifle, I just love shooting the pilots out of the cockpit and they are like WTF?? I mostly play with the medic and Special Ops. I use supply quite often and depending on the map maybe the Anti Armor. The supply gun SUCKS!!!