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21st October 2002

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#1 11 years ago

This Mod Was Created By MCC ( And the content In this mod can not be change or modded to anything different you must have permission from a creator of the mod to change or mod it any way including the MCC Map Pack which was modified by and navmeshed by Froach_Man.

The A-10 And Littlebird were created by WCC( All Credit For the A-10 And Littlebird goes To Cambo For the Model And tweaks Go To The Rest Of the WCC Dev Team.

The Grappling Hook, Dirtbike, Deserteagle, B57, HumveeAA_AG, And Javelin Were Created And Tweaked By SatNav he is the creator of those objects.

Here is the change Log :

Vehicle changes

Added A-10 And LittleBird - Retweaked both for better stability

Added Dirtbike - Retweaked it to fix static problem and back passenger can shoot left to right

Added HumveeAA_AG - Changed amount of AG missles and SatNav change the control position of the AA_AG launcher.

Added Dump Truck - Is now driveable and has a horn

Added Truck - Is now drive and has top mounted miniguns and seats 4 people.

Added F-35BN - It Hold the B-57 Nuke And carries Napalms

The Small Tanks And Heavy Tanks and jeeps go faster and have better turning

The DirtBike, Dump Truck, and Truck have a new horn

All Jeeps And Boats Have Nitro


Weapon Changes

All Weapons Retweaked For Accuracy And Damage

Added Both Javelin's to the at kit

Added Desert Eagle to sniper kit

Added Grapling Hook to specials ops kit and assault kit

Added the Oerlikon-AA gun And added the RH202_AA Gun

DAo-12 Converted to a gernade launcher

US Snipers Have explosive bullets And Double Zoom

Artillery Now has a new realistic effect

--------------------- Soldiers Changes

Soldiers have unlimited stamina and can jump higher

if your playing single player. take down the bot difficulity a little like to 20% and see .

There's a few servers up. pretty good server UK

Thanks all


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#2 11 years ago

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lovin that A-10! NAPALM!!!!!!!!

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#3 11 years ago
Soldiers have unlimited stamina and can jump higher

Soo after probably seeing the complaints about bunny hopping and soo on , you made it easier to do in your mod ? Cool ... Let's see how long this lasts.