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#1 13 years ago

The Sir. Community are arranging a Night Knife Fight with the BF2 Nights mod. This will take place as soon as the NVG are released to us.

Depending on how many people sign-up to this, say it be 64 people, it would be 32 vs 32 and after 5-10 minutes of pure knifing then the top 3 from each side (MEC,USMC) will be put into the next round for 3 minutes and the top ones from each side will be put in the final for 3 minutes.

Where: Fushe Pass on the long bridge near the USMC Airbase

When: The Release of the Night Vision Goggles

What Server: ToBeDecided

You want in? EMAIL ME @ [email=""][/email] Saying IR Vants to Knife!


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28th May 2003

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