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#1 15 years ago

I just played an awesome round of DC_No_Fly_Zone for Desert Combat, and it got me thinking about how awesome a No Fly Zone style map for BF2 would be.

Someone needs to make one. Just have two huge airbases in opposite corners of the map with 10-15 planes each, and have a few choppers too. That would be kickass.

That is all. Just felt like sayin. :nodding:


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28th November 2004

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#2 15 years ago

Yeah, we need all our old favourite maps. We got El Alamein XXL, now we need NFZ. Then maybe Midway, or something.


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4th May 2005

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#3 15 years ago

Well i have been working on such a map for quite a while but since i have been moving out of my home i can only get home on the weekends. Look out for it next weekend.



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29th October 2004

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#4 15 years ago

I would make one too, but my computer always freezes and shuts down with the editor....I dont know why exept I think its my memory gone bad cause everything else on my puter is ship shape........we need No fly zone....and that one with all the Weapon Bunkers it is......that is killer !!!


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7th June 2005

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#5 15 years ago

[COLOR=black]I always wanted a Coral Sea/ Battle of Britain/ No Fly zone type map. Since the upgrade from bf42/Veitnam to the excellent bf2 'Lock-On' type cockpit and dog fighting setting I don’t see why EA does not capitalize on this. They need a massive Air Force Map. The problem with 3rd party maps made by your or I is they get little publicity. Even if they are really good maybe a few hundred will download. Finding a server to run it will suck, at most maybe 32 player server thus defeating a 64 player layout.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]If EA released it though so everyone would need to download it in the next patch then we would be set. Dozens of 64 player servers would load it up and we would be in nirvana. But I doubt that will happen anytime soon, even though they are making Wake Island :)[/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Anyways, pray for a Mod to get really popular and make a map like it, it’s the only reasonable way we would get in a large air battle.[/COLOR]