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#11 15 years ago
Shotglass01[COLOR=navy]Um, no, the 6600GT won't play BF2 1.02 at 1024x768x32 on full quality GR8. It plays it okay, but don't think about shadowing. It's just enough to get a playable frame rate with medium settings.[/COLOR][/quote][quote=apocalypse_kid]Oh yes guys, his CPU is a XP @ 1160 Mhz but that makes it a 1500 or 1600+ I think so that's within spec just. For cheapest upgrade and best bang for your buck get 1Gb mem and AGP 6600GT, for best all round upgrade new mobo, athlon 64 3200+, 6600 or 6800 vid + 1Gb mem.

Shotglass is right. So since you wont be playing with shadows(or dynamic lighting) you could actually go for a 6200 like me and still get medium performance other than whatever bugs/lag you might encounter. And I beleive the shadows and dynamic lighting prob will be fixed in future patches when they can concentrate on something other than cleaning up the 1.01/1.02 patch mess they've made, so if you really want to you can shoot for that. But make sure its the 256mb OC version. But as far as your computer itself, you have some shopping to do. Go for AMD 3000+ or greater or 2.2ghz+ pentium, and 1gb memory (I get by with 768 for now).

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