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#1 13 years ago

The Swedish-Norweigan clan Old Gents =[OG]= has started a petition to compensate the buyers of Battlefield 2 for the buggs in the product. read more:


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16th July 2005

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#2 13 years ago

lol...hard one to win especially with EA. I'm thinking they're trying to cut costs by not doing beta testing and let us, the consumers do it for them.


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15th July 2005

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#3 13 years ago
  • The hard to use in-game serverbrowser & lack of support for thirdparty solutions
  • Lack of available ranked servers
  • Revocation of Patch 1.01 and resulting differences of versions

all these problems will be taken care of by the hotfix. i dont see the point in this... look at what they want ea to do...

What should EA and DICE do?

Adequate compensation would be achieved by releasing to the community, free of charge, a mappack for BF2 or a part of the first expansion pack (Special Operations) due this christmas. This is certainly not a big issue, as when compared to Epic GamesĀ“ support for their community with several Bonuspacks for Unreal Tournament over the years. At no cost at all.

Ea will never do that....


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17th March 2004

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#4 13 years ago

This is so damn pointless. word.

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4th August 2003

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#5 13 years ago

Lack of availible ranked servers? Have they been living under a rock? And what's this? They're upset because of the differences in versions! Boo ****** hoo you whiners. Holy geeze, everyone always got their panties in a knot over something with this game... Just play the damn thing! Edited byMERRICK: Sensor bypass


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20th May 2002

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#6 13 years ago

This is why online petitons invariably fail tto impresss me.

This is my second vote Lololol I can vote as mutch as i want Petition against this petition Talk about newbs NEWBS!! NEWBS!! NEWBS!! NEWBS!! fucking newbs fucking newbs fucking newbs fucking newbs Heywood Jawblowme ThisIsDumb BattleField 2

Thats just a selection. There is no identity checking in petitons so ppl can vote many times, so ppl really strongly against the game will vote many times, ppl against the ppl against the game will put in bodgy votes and etc. If you want to make a point then do an email capmpaign using GENUINE (and not hotmail type) email addresses that can be back checked. If you honestly believe you are entitled to compensation then you should contact EA directly rather than signing a dodgy petition. I personally think the whole thing is misguided, but online petitions are not the way to do it.

Oh yes, none of the above petition entries were done by me :p



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30th April 2004

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#7 13 years ago

If you feel you are entitled to compensation take the game back where you bought it .


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21st March 2003

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#8 13 years ago

EA will never listen there the Axis of Evil!!!!!


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19th December 2004

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#9 13 years ago

I know nothing will come of it, but OG is a good group of guys so I signed it anyways.