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#1 14 years ago

my last few years computer

in 2001-2005

intel p 4 2.0ghz 256 ram 64 intergrated video card 80GB 7300 HDD

2005-Now intel p4 2.6 1g ram 256 6600(AGP) 120G barracuda

in my Dream-now intel pent D 3,8 2G ram crosair 1G 7950GTX (SLI) (2)150g raptor 10K RPM


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5th April 2005

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#2 14 years ago

Three year old HP Media Centre:

Intel P4 2.53 ghz Nvidia GeForce4 MX420 - Sadly, the one thing keeping me from playing BF2. 512 mb DDR ram --> upgraded to 768 mb 120 gb HD

Out of all the things, the one thing that has always let me down in playing this and the next generation's games, has been the video card.

Damn pixel shading support.



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13th July 2003

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#3 14 years ago

1988-2001 Atari st Processor: 8 MHz Sound: 3 channel Resolution: 320x200 (16 colors), 640x200 (4 colors), 640 x 400 (2 colors) Colors: 512 colors with 16 onscreen Memory: 1 megabyte Floppy Drive: 720K :smokin:

2001-2004 amd athlon 1600+ nvidia geforce 2 64mb memory: 512 mb 40 gb hd

2004- Amd athlon 64 3200+ nvidia 7800gs 256 mb memory: 2 gb 160 gb hd

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12th February 2006

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#4 14 years ago

1994-2001 Acer 75mhz pentium-upgraded to a 200mhz no name brand in 1998 40mb of ram hard drive: 2gig vid card: no clue monitor:13in packard bell sound card: a really really old sound blaster modem: 14.4 dont know what brand windows 3.1 2001-2004 eMachine 1ghz celeron 256mb of ram 20gig hard drive nvidia geforce4 mx440 64mb monitor same as above sound blaster value winxp home 2004- Home Built 2.8ghz P4 Prescott 1gig or ram 250gig maxtor hd 20in viewsonic graphics series g220fb nvidia 6800ultra agp 8x creative sound blaster audigy 2 zs platinum win xp pro


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26th September 2004

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#5 14 years ago

here goes:

pentium IV 3.2 ghz

ati someting with SH ore SE with 128 mb

512 mb ram


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20th May 2002

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#6 14 years ago

Hmm, I have, right now;

1) P3, 1Ghz, 512 Mb DDR, 40 Gb HDD

2) Duron 1000, 256Mb, 2o Gb HDD

3) Ahtlon 64 3200, FX 6500, 512 Mb, 1X 250Gb Seagate HDD, 3 X 40Gb Seagate HDD, TV Tuner

4) AMD X2 4200, 2 X 120 Gb Seagate HDD, Nvidia 6600, 2 Gb Ram

1X Samsung 19" LCD, 3 X various makes 17" CRT, 1 X 15" CRT. 5 X 20Gb HDD spare plus 6 smaller HDD's.

If I start going into past computers I have owned and don't now I could fill a book.




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17th May 2006

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#7 14 years ago

1998-2002 P3 1.4 ghz nvidia iforget 32mb 128mb ram

2003-Today (upgraded here and there) P4 HT 3.0 ghz ATI Raedon x300/x550 1g ddr400 ram

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15th December 2002

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#8 14 years ago


Intel Pentium MMX 336mhz 32mb RAM of some old kind. 4gb HDD USB ports (special at the time!)

That's about it.

2000-2003 Intel Pentium 4 1.8ghz 512mb RD-RAM GeForce 2 MX32mb Sound Blaster Live! USB Ports again 40gb Hard Dis

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26th July 2006

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#9 14 years ago

OK here goes My Laptop that i play battlefield 2 on Emachines Amd athlon 64 3400 1g Ram (personalized) 90g HD Ati mobility readon 9600 graphics card cable intenet The computer that i'm building... i have everything but the chip but i want a fx-60 socket 939 Asus A8N-SLI deluxe Motherboard OCZ Platnium 1g dual channel ram OCZ ram booster Antec NEOHE 550watt power supply 250G Segate sata hard drive X-Fi Xtreme sound card Asus nvidia Xtreme N7800 GT Graphics card w/ SLI but i dont have the other board yet. Sound good to you?


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26th July 2006

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#10 14 years ago

edit above post... Asus nvidia Xtreme N7800 GT Graphics card w/ SLI but i dont have the other board yet. I mean i dotn have the other graphics card yet i just have one card so i can't do SLI