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#11 12 years ago
h2k47;4055829...Advanced Singleplayer for BF2 -;82483 "...[/quote] [quote=Parnelliellis;4059864]okay here is what you do. goto My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\ServerSettings.con and open serversetting.con. now search for this line: sv.spawnTime 15 and change it to how ever many seconds you want.

If you had read closer your would have noticed that he had tried it. But try again.


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#12 12 years ago

It worked finally..but u have to change two things:one is the sv.spawnTime and the second is sv.manDownTime. You will be able to respawn immediately after you r killed (if both are set to zero's). ..also, as Parnelliellis said, the ServerSettings.con in My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default is the one to change but not the one in Battlefield 2/mods/%modname%/settings (which i was trying to modify at first). thanks to you all and sorry for the confusion GateCrusher..:D

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