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30th April 2004

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well ... a small disagreement there Bread old boy ... The population and popularity is made up of the sum of it's individuals. ] Although. They do have to care somehwat about what the individual says... Just when it is coming from the majority of the individuals. Same thing when they come out with new drugs. Did you know that they only have to report side effects if it occurs in more than 10% of test subjects? if a medicine causes bleeding in the stomach and caused it in one person out of 20 test patients, they don't have to report that. Bugs are just that. If they come back reported and so on they don't get fixed. But if many report it it gets fixed. That is how the points system got nerfed. People paid 50 bucks for this game and wanted all the unlocks NOW.... they didn't want to have to work towards them. to summarize: They have to care. and they have to make sure they have the product running. But people have such HIGH expectations of things they don't understand.