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3rd August 2007

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#1 10 years ago

I was fighting on the Karkand map with one of the other members, =SWF= GenDarth, in our clan on the U.S. team. We were doing a decent job of fighting for the Suburb control point. He needed to go take care of some business and had to leave the BF2 server. I continued to press-on with the fight against MEC forces enroute to the Train Wreck control point driving an M-1 tank. As I moved on to the first ramp, I noticed two dead bodies lying on the sidewalk on the right, one was U.S. and one was MEC. Seeing not threat, I swiveled the turret back to the front to continue on and to scan for targets up ahead. I went another 3 meters and WOOM!! I was destroyed. And as the camera panned out, I saw the MEC Spec Ops guy running away from my smoldering tank and a lone U.S. duffle bag on the sidewalk. I confirmed the weapon used to kill me was C-4 by checking the top left text stream.

That slick fighter had smarts, discipline, and great timing. That is pretty smart use dead bodies as concealment, discipline to stay still while a tank is passing by, and great timing because the dead bodies in BF2 quickly turn into duffle bags then disappear. Obviously, he had just killed the dead U.S player to be able to use him for concealment. That was amazing slickiness on his part. I was impressed. It is not often you see unconventional combat on a BF2 server. It is, usually, pretty straight forward fighting.

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7th May 2008

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#2 10 years ago

lol, ive done that before, but to my misfortune, the body disappered, making me vunerable for a knifing, which was wat i got lol, on your part, you should learn from this, lol still unlucky