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1st January 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hey guys I am pretty good at every class, the only one I have troubke with is the sniping class. In every game i own including the bf series I am an excelent sniper.Call of Duty, Joint Operations, Delta force series, Counter-strike, all BF games and medal of honor. I know all the skills of a sniper, concealment, and movement from area to area after each shot. I have one major question though, does distance and the fact that you have to shoot in front of someone when they are running factors in the game? I have sat in prone position found a target that is not moving and shot directly at them and no luck what so ever. I have even tried shooting in front of the target as they were moving but still no luck. I have no confirmation if the bullet hit too far in front or in back, because at a distance there are no dust/dirt that pops up on bullet impact. I cant even get the headshot down packed, I mean i aim directly at there head at 20 m and nothing not even a chest hit. I really am not understanding EA's concept of the sniper rifle, judging by there scope view distance is as low as it can possibly get, and there is no zoom in feature and no changing in measurments from distance to distance. ( Based on the feature used in the Delta Force series and Joint Operations concerning the elevation factor.)

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#2 14 years ago

check the other thread that is already on this topic. its got some good information on it. use the search button.