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Jak vara svensk.

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4th May 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Has this ever happened to you: I was playing strike at karkand (MEC), and was running along a stair (on the ground with the stair to my left). The stair ended in a corner so i threw myself down and peeked around. See some friendlies and enemies fighting so i stay and shoot, lying there for maybe 15secs or so. Then i see a motion in the left hand of my screen (i wasnt lying exactly at the wall). And there lies unknowing of my prescence a bloody marine. For us not to notice each others it would have taken perfect timing of him running down the stair exactly the same time as i ran along it. Just stayed and looked at him for a short while then i defibrillated him to death.:smokin:



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3rd April 2005

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#2 13 years ago

Lol... :lol: :wtf: Never happened to me. And I can never defibrillate anyone, unless they're down already. But I can nail someone in the head with a G36 from 300 meters away... I <3 my G36C... It's like a close combat sniper rifle.