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14th January 2005

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#91 15 years ago

My system runs fine with everything maxed on a res of 1280x960 (and fast writes are enabled).It occasionally hangs (but only very occasionally) but this could be my connection (512kb).I followed the advice of a previous thread and in the new 77.77 drivers turned on triple buffering this made things run even smoother.Don't know what my fps is but I can fly around at low level and it play s very smooth.smilie.gif my specs are:- 3.4 p4e (coupled to a xp90+92mm fan) intel 875pbz 2gb of hyperx 400ddr(dual congig) BFG 6800ultra (agp aperture size @ 256mb) audigy 2 zs 2 x 74gb raptors (raid0 striped) 600w enermax psu