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10th April 2005

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#1 14 years ago

What does this game want!?!?!?!!? I have a computer that can play Half Life 2, 1600 x 1200 all settings max, and all the mods very well, look at least 10 times better than this POS BF2, and still, BF2 is the UBER LAGGER. I have my settings on the default medium settings, and 800 x 600 @ 75 Hz, and I swear, when I'm playing on some servers (not 64 players, 30-50 range) the ENTIRE ground turns invisible, and looks like the sky, stutters, lags, my display gets UBER F0x0red, and the whole game just has a heart attack. It's done this about 4-5 times now, and its really pissing me off. Not only that, the game, it takes like 10 minutes to go to the menu, and when it closes it takes FOREVER to turn off. Never, with ANY game I've EVER owned has caused me this much extreme difficulty. What else can I do? Theres no way a P4 3 GHz 800 FSB, MSI NX6600 GT 128 mb AGP, 1 GB of ram, and all that is INSUFFICENT to play BF2 on Minimal settings!!?!?!? Yet, this same system plays HL2 maxed with 35-45 FPS....ok sure it does.....I swear EA pisses me off. They've RUINED the Battlefield series with this suckfest (A.K.A. BF2). At least theres always mods to save FUBARed games such as this....

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30th April 2004

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#2 14 years ago

It is no secret the game is a resource Hog. And you are correct you should be playing it on high settings. My rig does. p4 3.0 800fsb Ht 1024 Kingston x800 pro 256 ( this may be your issue. You trusted in Nvidia. Just kidding. ) Lets Begin... Shall we? AA or AF on ? What drivers are you using for it ? How Clean is your Hard drive? last time you Defragged?> Other games do not matter. This game is what it is. It isn't hl2 or Cs:s or doom3 ....... It is BF2 and it is a resource hog ... How many process do you have running in your background. Don't tell me none. lol Cntrl-Alt-Delete, How many .... and how many of them are over 6000( at this point i would consider making a gamers profile on your pc. Run nothing on it at all. No antivirus no nothing. ) Start there and get back to Us:D