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#1 12 years ago

Hi, i have played bf2 alot before with alot mods and and other installed things without problems, but now, i formated my computer and installed vista, after that i tryed vista bla bla all stuff thing played some games and stuff, 3 days ago, i wanted install bf2 again, I install the game and configurate quality and stuff, then i go search for patches in filefront, I installed a seems ok, is it latest patch? But it worked, but wen i join servers gives me a error of punkbuster, then i updated punkbuster manually, i tryed fast if wroked in a random server and it did ( i dont actually know if it can play for 5 mins, i didn t try, ill check later) and i was right into mods, I installed lots mod i like like FH2, PR, and BF appocalipt, The vietnam mod which i dont remember name and so on, Well, noone of them worked actually, FH2 gives me 3 errors and if i press continue, it enter, i tough it enter at least but it shows a thing saying for i use FH2 execution cuz the new patch didn t bla bla bla, BUT I WAS USING EXE.... If i run as adminstrador only 2 of those errors shows and it runs, i go MP andjoin a server and im kicked wen its 100% by PB...I tryed the Vietnam mod and Appocalipt and it launched game normally, but it was basicly bf2 the menu, wen i press MP, it instead crashes to desktop without any error, PR im kicked, i does not let me join any serevr, Whats going on? Vista is really lame, so many games i had trouble but i could fix, and i hope this one can too, PLS HELP