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11th November 2003

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#21 14 years ago

'[SYN hydraSlav']ROFL, that's got to be the most ignorant comment. FYI, BF2 has it's own "mic setting". The only thing that it uses from Windows (and thus shares with the "old" voice comm software) are the "mic boost" and the "mic recording volume". [/quote]

Actually, I think you didn't understand what I said.

'[SYN hydraSlav'] For most home mics, mic boost needs to be enabled anyways. And the mic recording volume is fine, cause the volume of people on VoIP is loud enough. It's the quality that is appalling. So what are you going to blame the appaling quality on? It's the same mic, same connection, same Windows mic settings. The only thing to blame is the codec Dice used for VoIP. It's a low quality codec, and there is nothing you can do about it.

It's not the same program is what I'm getting at. And I wasn't talking about the settings within either BF2, Vent, or TS. I do lots of home recording, guess what I have to do? reset the "windows mic settings" for doing different things.

[QUOTE='[SYN] hydraSlav'] If you think that VoIP in BF2 sounds "good", then you never used the "old" voice comm software. This "old" voice comm software (be it TS or Vent) beats BF2's VoIP anytime in all categories, so maybe, BF2's VoIP needs to "grow up", to be on par with the "old" voice comms

BF2 has been out for what? Two weeks or so. It's going to take some time to get everything set up just right. I have used TS with WW2Online. But the nice thing about the built in VoIP is I don't have to dick around with Vent or TS putting in server addresses and passwords. Automatically being put in a channel with your squad. I never said it was perfect, but it is nice.


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#22 14 years ago

After reading this thread I see a lot about TS/Vent having codces but I didn’t see anyone state that BF2 apparently has 5 codecs or (sound quality settings) for their voice com. The settings go from 1-5, 5 being the highest and 3 being the default for Internet servers. Though I’m sure some providers might be sneaky and lower the default to save bandwidth.

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2nd October 2003

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#23 14 years ago
StapletonI never said it was perfect, but it is nice.

I never said it wasn't a good idea, just the quality is appaling, hence those that had better options before this will stick with those better options

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30th April 2004

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#24 14 years ago

Yeah ...as i stated. when you have a game that is such a resource driven Mac truck, it is tough to add in voip.