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#131 15 years ago

The G36C, because I like the SF kit in general and the G36C is superior to the M4 in most respects.

After destroying the enemy's radar, UAV, and artillery, I switch to the assault kit. For this role, the G3 is the only way to go.

In my opinion, the .308 (7.62x51) is the best, most well rounded cartridge of all time. For this reason, and the fact that the Germans make the best guns in the world, the HK G3 is my favorite military rifle of all time, followed closely by the US M-14. :smokin:

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#132 15 years ago

coolest military gun of all time: Mauser K98 bolt action rifle

when you say Jackhammer do you mean the DAO-12 for the Anti-Tank class or the MK3A1 (i think) of the Engineer class? i only ask because i've heard both guns referred to as the Jackhammer.

Either gun is a good shotgun. They are both full auto and pack a hell of a punch at close range. they're good, but i prefer the MEC shotgun because the semi auto is less likely to leave you ammo-less in the middle of a firefight. however, the Engineer unlock is better than the American and Chinese shotguns and the DA0-12 is far better than the SMGs of the Anti-Tank class so either is a good choice.


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#133 15 years ago

I believe Jackhammer = DAO-12. I just finished a Weapon Chart webscript that shows you how accurate wepaons are at certain ranges. When I finish making it hacker proof I'll post the link. But Right now there are a few things I can tell you flat out. 1.) The L8 blows. Not worth the unlock. It is less accurate than all of the other medic weapons. The only thing is has over them is that is has less recoil. But again, its a lot less accurate. 2.) The m24 rifle is literally 100% more accurate than the other sniper rifles while they are zoomed. If you are stupid and dont know what that means, it means that if you fire any of the other 3 rifles [m95 included] at a target then those rifles would have 50% the chance of the m24 of hitting that target. The m24 is the best sniper rifle int he game. 3.) The g3 is totally not worth the unlock. Its base accuracy is slightly LESS than other assalt weapons. Its only advantages are in damage and recoil where it has slightly less recoil and does a little more damage. Why does the damage not mean anything? it does a damage of 40. Both other assalt weapons do about 35. Any damage over 34 will kill an enemy in 3 hits. So what the hell does 40 get you over the ak-47's 37? Nothing. They both will kill in 3 hits. But with the ak you get more ammo. Go figure. 4.) Looking at the stats... the 4 support guns are almost ALL indentical overall. Where one has a weakness in one area it makes up for it in another.... butif you have to pick a winner... the m249 is the best. It has 900 rpm rate of fire at 25 damage. All of them have the same recoil and accuracy. The pkm, the unlock, has HALF the rate of fire but NOT twice the damage. It only does 45 damage. So with the m249 you are basically getting more bang for your buck. But... just like i already sed... the performance of all of them is very similar. The PKM is just not worth the unlock tho. 5. The best unlock in the game is the g36c. Without a doubt. Its almost the most accurate and has the least recoil by far. The only Special ops weapon more accurate is that of the chinese... but its not at all as stable as the g36c. I wont comment on the shotguns because... well.. a shotgun is a shotgun. its either automatic or its not. It either has kick or it duznt. They really dont have an accuracy rating.