Whats do you hate most in bf2 -1 reply

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#621 13 years ago

I agree WhiteShark. That's why I said the medic is not playing responsibly if he keeps reviving you without clearing the area first.


I didn't make it!

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#622 13 years ago

It's obvious that the only opinions that are welcome here, are those by Merrick :mad:

Your superiors are being contacted of this insubordination as i type this post. Im sure that this type of behavior is not condoned by the FileFront Staff above you.

This matter will not just be erased by a over zealous moderator that thinks this is HIS forum.

This is the message that Frag-girlie{DS} posted that was immediately removed by said moderator...

Okay now I will write to complain to your superiors as you're abusing your position here. What abuse is it on my part to quote what you said to me on msn. You didn't have the right to message me there on a matter here. WTF I wasn't abusive in my post and shouldn't have received ANYTHING from you ANYWHERE else. I didn't put any contact information in that post. Only the metion of what you said. And guess what, my MSN isn't on this profile so no other moderator would have had that priviledge. You really are out of line here! You sent me a message OUTSIDE OF THIS FORUM telling me to not come back until whatever I had up my A** was taken out. Sorry if you don't want people to see the truth about how you are and the fact that you don't even play BF2. Keep erasing the truth Merrick and I'll escalate this matter.

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#623 13 years ago

Ok ladies and gentlemen, this discussion is now far away from the original topic and I think it's time for a closure.