Your Favorite "Oh S**T" moments -1 reply

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14th December 2005

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#91 13 years ago

rich19How was that bad for you?

My worst moment was when I was USMC on wake. Near the start of the game I jump into a blackhawk and wait for some gunners. One of the admins on my side does not like the fact that I get the blackhawk before him, so he and another clan member decide to jump into the rotors on the heli and kill themselves. They both punish. Result? -16 points. Surprisingly, I wasnt kicked for having this score, and as you can imagine I was pretty annoyed. I blew up one of them ONCE with c4 and then get kicked for 1 min for tk. I go back and ask the admin why I was kicked when he gave me -16, in front of everyone on the server by talking to everyone. I then get perma-banned for using bad language, even though I did not swear at all. The guy couldnt take me showing him up in front of everyone.



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14th August 2004

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#92 13 years ago


Wait, that wasn't sarcastic was it?


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5th September 2005

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#93 13 years ago

I wish i could post some of the conversations/arguments we have in [CROW] on Ventrilo. Particularily if you accidentaly blow a fellow clan members Tank/APC/chopper/jet away! BANG! (or multiple explosions) [CROW]ViolenT: oops :( [CROW]SemteX: ViolenT you are a #$%%$%^$%^ why the @#$@#$ did you do that? [CROW]NavrynX: yeah WTF man? [CROW]Trekker: $%%$^$%#$% ViolenT #$%$%^$%^ ViolenT $%^$%^$% ViolenT'S #$%$%$%^ and his #%#$%#$% [CROW]ViolenT: :( [CROW]ViolenT: :(

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22nd March 2005

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#94 13 years ago

Man, I need to get into that clan! Well, I need to get better, and older, first...



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17th December 2005

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#95 13 years ago

i was playing around on sp the map called dragon vally or whatever its called i saw 4 medics shocking an ally on the ground trying to revive him but kept tking him that ally was me. i couldnt move for the whole game.


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4th March 2006

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#96 13 years ago

One of my all time "oh shit" moments was playing CoD at the begining of the Russian Campaign. I never thought I'd have a scarier moment when I had to help take back Stalingrad


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11th December 2005

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#97 13 years ago

Hmm... On Omaha Beach, BF1942, i always had a strange knack for getting tanks to fall on me. It happened at least 25 times.

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28th December 2005

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#98 13 years ago

i once won the chaos of omaha in singleplayer hard, without even dying once. with something like 200 kills and 10min. of game per round.