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24th November 2002

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#41 13 years ago

The only guns in the game i like are the 92FS and the L85A1. I really hate the M16 when i have to go against somone with an AK. I find that my pistol tends to be more powerful pershot than the m16.


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#42 13 years ago
'[SYN hydraSlav']When is your 9th birthday? :lol:

lol:D still i hate plyers who spend 99% of their time playing as spec ops just to use the M4/AK47U & The chinese one with a stupid name. god dammit there are other classes too you know!


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#43 13 years ago

well, m16 is good using single shot, and burst fire at close range seems ok. but not my fave. Contrary to alot of ppl here, i actually like the support weapons. but it depends on the situation. The reason why u guys hate it is probably cos you have no where to hide. its a fantastic "hide up on a building and rain hell fire down" kind of weapon. Not to boast, maybe i was lucky, but i managed to kill 10 marines with the RPK74. i was on the rooftop, and firing like hell after they just captured the flag and let their guard down. first full auto burst till overheat = 6 marines. Then they saw me and started shooting. I jumped down to a lower building while letting it cool, and used up my remaining bullets to kill the last 4 before getting killed by a grenade.

The specops weapons dont lose to the m16 in accuracy, and u can actually move while shooting at close range, and the recoil is low. so i worship the spec ops soldiers. And for those who dont seem to be hitting anything with a sniper, well i agree. sometimes i dont hit them even if the xhair is dead on them. Well try this. With the m24, try holding down the left click after a shot, rather than just click it. dunno if it helps but i actually hit more with that method. dunno why. The M95... seems a little less accurate than the M24, but heck its powerful. The Chinese sniper rifle isnt as useless as u think. I prefer that over the SVD due to the better xhair. and it actually isnt a sniper, but a marksmans rifle. Its converted from the specops/support classes weapon. China released a family of rifles entitled QBZ or QingBuqiang Zu (Qingfor Light, Buqiang for rifles, and Zu for family or group) And the silenced pistols are not weak. i managed to get quite a few kills while being shot at with a carbine. as for the mp5, yes it SUCKS ASS! too fast firing, too little ammo, too little accuracy. the MEC Bison SMG balances the ammo issue, and is a weapon to be reckoned with in urban maps. The shotguns are not my cup of tea, and i only use them when im bored or when my teams vehicles keep on getting mowed down and we have irritating enemies sneaking around the base.