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#1 12 years ago

Hey I'm spreading the word about a 24/7 Custom Map server is now availible for the community to use. This server consists most custom maps created by many mods of the 2142 community. They will be switched out regularly to give a change to the vanilla atmosphere of 2142. As of now 14 custom maps rotate through. 1 person can start the server and and a 35 minute time rotation. FF=75%.

What you will need:Map Pack 1 http://clangim.eliott-ness.com/dossier_gim/best_maps_2142.zip Map Pack 2: http://clangim.eliott-ness.com/mapsBF2142/amp_TGW.exe

Misc Maps: http://camaj_ca.club.fr/clangim/BF2142/Maps/Shores_of_Tripoli.zip http://www.clangim.com/telechargements/maps/Hamburg_Harbour.zip

For those unfamiliar with installation of custom material here is what you do: 1) Click on the link, IE will ask to Open, Save. You will want to open. Mozilla users the d/l should auto start. 2) You will need a .zip file opener such as winzip or winrar. Google that if so. 3) Once your .zip opener is up, you will want to click the file, then click the Extract button. 4) It will then ask where you want to extract it to. Default file path is C:\program files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf 2142\levels 5) Once the whole file has been extracted there, you should be good to go.

The sever is =ZU= 24/7 Custom Maps located at

For more information about any of this it is here at the EA forums: EA Forums: Custom Map server availible NOW ...

We are attempting to rotate this server into are Friday Night Forum Fights that we have every Friday night usually starts anywhere in the evening (post USA 5pm EST and goes till the server dies off).

So I hope to see some new faces out there, hop on the server and check out the custom maps!!

=ZU= Loaky