BF2142 being released to soon and takeing BF2'2 mods. -1 reply

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#11 13 years ago

I think you guys should wait and see the demo. If you are a BETA tester and tested the game than I understand. But you guys seem like you know every single detail about the game. You might not like it but others will love this game.


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19th August 2006

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#12 13 years ago
coolduderyan07I think they should wait a while, because I mean Ive seen the trailers and actuall game combat with the 1st person video and well it looks like bf2 with new weapons and models. Its exactly like bf2 in every way, the way they run, shoot, sprint, and even die.

Okay first of all,Have you played it? Second, If you played it you would have never said that comment, The only thing i see similar is the ground. The Engine is the same so they do have BF2's rag-Doll physics, But new wepons with new stats and a new Re-reamped Explosion FX engine. When the Titan blows the whole map lights up. Its like a nuke 5 mile's away. It's insane, AND after you jump,You have to run away from falling Debri! This game is beyond BF2, It's a new BF2. It's 2142.

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