BF2142 bought abroad on hols not in english -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

hi everyone , i wonder if somone can help me. i was recently in thailand and i bought an original version of BF2142 ( about £25 difference in price to the uk ) the guy in the shop didnt speak the best english in the world but he also give me another dvd as well as the factory sealed bf2142 and said to use the other dvd for a english setup . the problem i have is that when i try to use the multi language disc i get a dreaded MD5 error but with the original thai disc i get no such error which leads me to belive that the multi lanuage one is corrupt in some way . i have sucessfully instaled the game with the thai disk but its in thai is there any way of getting my game lanuage to english because its aufully hard trying to follow instructions in ?????????? . i wonder is ea could help . any advise would be great thanks in advance frosty

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#2 13 years ago

Well EA would say its your fault entirely and so would many other people, but if it doesnt work than you gota buy another game English version!


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#3 13 years ago

Yea, EA wouldn't help because the other disk is bootlegged. I think there is a way around the multilanguage thing though. Can you run the other disk at all? In some games the language files are contained in a seperate folder. You could TRY overwriting them but that's a shot in the dark, last effort move.

EDIT: i just checked my own bf2142 and i can't find the language files. All i could find was the various support/help stuff.


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#4 13 years ago

no i do have an original disc with the original key but its in thai , not bootlegged i buy all of my games onn original . it just made sense to pay alot less if i could . i will not buy it again i will just have to stick to bf2 i suppose . what happens if somone damages there own english dvd surly they dont have to buy another because what you are actually paying for is the key . the original installs fine no probs but in thai the other multi lanuage disc keeps chucking md5error faults . thanks for replys tho guys