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#121 12 years ago

I believe most people are missing an important point here. The issue isn't mainly about ads apearing in games, they have been apearing in games for years, both real and fake ads,as long as they are tastefully done and not intrusive they are fine, heck if I am in a car game and driving along the road I expect to see billboards, so why not use them to put real ads up, if anything it will actually ad to the feel of the game. It's also not about collecting IP addresses, every time you connect to a game server it collects you IP address, when you make a game account it collects your IP address and email address and etc.

No, the real issue here is that it is pushing data onto your computer without you having to agree to or press any consent buttons, you agreed by installing the game. Now all good intentions are fraught with danger, and no matter how well intentioned EA are being, they are putting themselves in a similar postion to Sony with the rootkit fiasco. By setting up a mechanism by which the EA ads server can automatically upload to your computer withut your consent they are opening a hole in your internet protection. There are some smart hackers around, and all one of them had to do is sneak some virus into the ad sever and it will upload it automatically to your computer, or they may crack the protection (well at least I hope they are using some sort of protection) around the upload mechanism and upload stuff while you are playing BF2142 blissfully unaware of any nasties.

I do make the prediction that this will go bad for EA, I just hope it doesn't go bad for all 2142 players, of which I am not going to be one, I have to much valuable stuff on my PC to allow this sort of "push technology" on. Sadly BF2 may be my last purchase of a BF series game despite my love of the original, I can still remember my first game of the demo, looking in amazement at what seemed like swarms of japs pouring through the palm trees on Wake Island, bullets smacking all around me.

Hmm, Quake Wars is looking and sounding really great at the moment.

I suppose my main point here is that no stuff should appear on your PC without you asking for it or putting it there, and as merrick says, if you don't agree, don't buy, move on to something more suitable for you.