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10th September 2006

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#11 12 years ago

I just moved on to engineer. I really like medic/assault, but mostly I play kits for the best gun. the thing is, every 2142 gun is a sprayer, and assault isn't much better than any other gun. I do love healing teammates but I usually use vehicles and love healing them more. when you think about it the assault may have a powerful gun, but the engineer gun is just as accurate and can use more bullets before it looses it's accuracy. so they are actually quite even. The guns are almost clones, some just shoot faster with weaker bullets, while some shoot slower with stronger bullets, but the damage is always the same in the same amount of time, alhtough with very minor differences. But for the badge, just play like a coward. go to a heavy traffic spot and place a medkit, then back away until they move on to another place. Something along those lines may work, but it's better than cheating.

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