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15th January 2004

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#1 17 years ago

Hey Snow here from Conflict: Middle East. Again it may be no surprise that I'm looking for help with CME. Let me explain to those of you who don't know us, what we're all about. Conflict: Middle East is a halflife 2 modification based on the current situation in Iraq (Also known as Operation Iraqi Freedom) Its a FPS based on the realism of War. For more indepth details about features see this page ..... We have also recently taken on the job of making a mini mod of our work for Battlefield Vietnam. We decided it could keep us busy, we would have a game for fans to play, and we could use it as concept. Its also a nice way to gain experience. We are a hard working team of 9 people, including to leaders. Both leaders (myself being one) are both modelers. We're looking mostly for more talented Modelers who can churn out weapons or vehicles. Also A good player modeler would be great! Anyone who has skills such as Texturing UV mapping (unwraping), or coding is also welcome! As far as a coder goes, if you code for BF we would love your help with our mini mod. You can find our site here... (About and team pages not yet done.. Renders page to be updated) As far as publicity goes: 8 hl2 related sites cover our news off of moddb news feeds. Its not as many as some, but tis still a good deal of coverage. Anyone with PHPBB forum experience is also welcome!! Our forums are down because of a login problem. I would like to have this resolved quickly. _________________Contacting Me_____________________ email: [email=""][/email] msn: same as above Aim: jdthom123 Please do *not* PM me here, I will not check them in most cases. I prefer email over all, but any way of contact is fine. Please include a way to contact you and either have some work handy, or be ready to start and do some test work for us! Thanks! snow CME Managment


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5th January 2003

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#2 17 years ago

Hi! Soz for the delay but its finally up! =)


G'luck finding peeps! :D