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6th April 2004

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We are looking for coders/mappers/modelers. We currently have a few of each but could really use more.

The mod is described below:


The game will allow players to experience a heroic life in a Homeric Greece. While the plot will not contain excerpts from either the Iliad, or the Odyssey, it will convey the themes that Homer emphasized. A large amount of research is being conducted to ensure that the weapons, livestock, architecture, and the ideas of the people who populate the world are as accurate as possible. Homer's epics contain massive battles, meddling gods, individual triumph, moral failure, cowardice, longing, and revenge. The epics also taught the Greek polis about what it meant to be Greek. The primary tools to educate the young of Ancient Greece had been The Iliad and the Odyssey. Instruction was given on the texts, not solely for their literary component, but also as moral tales to base your life on.


People who you interact with will have family members, belong to organizations and support their city-state. Inevitably, to be a hero, you will have to take sides. The decision you make will not only influence the disposition of those around you, but also those who know the individuals that you hurt or help.

Homeric Greece is a time and place where gods are involved in the everyday matters of mortals. A god could be your friend, your parent, or your enemy. Gods can have an unexpected impact on your life; they tend to be petty, childish and impulsive. But then you, as the child of a god probably are too.

A true hero won't just be a great warrior, but will be a leader of men. Bards throughout the world will sing your heroic accomplishments, but more tangibly, these deeds they will inspire your troops. Perhaps without your presence they would turn and run, with you they charge forward, inspired and unafraid.

Thank you for your time, C Matt Pappathan [email]mathaos42@hotmail.com[/email] http://www.hginstitute.com (under development)