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17th December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hey everyone just thought i'd drop some info here in an attempt to get more publicity for a mod im involved in. I'm not the leader but he seems to be partially reclusive, at least online, since he isnt doing his level best to make everyone visit the site. Basically its a multiplayer, teamplay orientated mod set in the Stargate universe. Whether or not you're a fan of the movie / series, the mod aims to be uber-fun. We have a skilled team so far (check out some of robert_rath's beautiful weapon renders: ) but i dont think there is ever a time when a mod would say "no more! no more! we have plenty of members" and besides that, we want a cult following. *stares around* cult following! i said we want.. *sigh* "Meh" you say. "there are plenty of multiplayer mods around. why is this one special?" Well we plan to include a variety of different game types, combining the classic with the newer, and with some exotic new things that we have up our sleeves, behind our backs and stitched into the linings of our jackets. The stargate universe gives us a lot of breadth (from bf-1942 style ground battles, to counterstrike style bomb missions, to space battles between and onboard massive capital ships. Pretty much, this kind of thing wouldnt be possible without the kinds of game engines that are showing up these days. Weapons range from those used by the SG team (the mp5 and the p90) to those used by the russian SG team, as well as sniper rifles, flare guns, and of course alien weaponry :) keep an eye out for the staff weapon, the zat pistol, (properly known as the Zatn’kitel) the Transphasic Eradication Rod, as well as others of our own devising. The main reason for this post is to attract attention - whether you have 1337 skills and would be so kind as to join us, or like the look of things and want a piece of the action, visit our site: And especially, join our little forums :)