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Currently, I'm in the planning phase of a mod, but along with several other people. As of now I cannot say much about the mod, it's not that anything is really a secret (although that the main focus of this mod is origionality), its that I really do not have much to say. This mod is the second installment of a series(hopefully), based mainly on underground operations. The setting, is lush, tropical environments, or deep within a jungle or even within a huge city. One of our main efforts, is to be as realistic as possible, not necessarily real damage, but an attention to detail considering the expectations of the engine. A certain level of seriousness is required, from expirience, nothing gets done if nobody gives a shit, you honestly have to really want to make something... not just the next CS, but more of an establishment. Hell, you could even brag about it if you wanted to, but first it would have to be made, and that requires dedication. Not so much to a severe extent, but in moderation, so long as something gets done.

In regards to team members, we already have modellers, meshers, mappers and skinners. I already have someone in mind for a webadmin, so the position is in consideration. We need coders, and more modellers and definetly people with the ability to create texture maps. Modelling wont be just guns, in order to provide rich content, you may need to create map models, players or even vehicles, but not everyone is exspected to have abilities in all areas.

If anyone is interested in joining, or any mods looking to pair up, or even just talk, my email is [email][/email], which goes for msn too. I have ICQ also, 89169930.