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10th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi, I'm senor freebie from Tides of Darkness and I'm posting here to tell you all that our mod is currently looking for new members.

We need people with a great deal of experience in skinning models and ideally unwrapping them as well. We also need video editors, C++ coders and a sound artist. Our mod is a democratic (eg. leader-less) team were anyones ideas are appreciated. We are focusing on a WW3 scenario that evolves from a war between China & the USA. We have a fair amount of progress on modelling and some highly talented team-members. We have been working with Battlefield 1942 for more then a year but will be changing to a Half Life 2 soon. We are also going through major change within our team that will result in huge publicity, a massively expanded team and greater opportunities for those who will work with us. Feel free to contact me on: MSN - [email]j_hexen@hotmail.com[/email] yahoo - j_hexen ICQ - 129392555 AIM - senor freebie email - [email]j_hexen@yahoo.com[/email] Or drop by our forums and speak to all our team-members at: http://www.207th-infantry.com/forums/ Here are some examples of our work: 8793img.jpg Chinese Assault rifle with grenade launcher 8846img.jpg US attack helicopter 9834img.jpg US light armoured vehicle 8690img.jpg Russian fighter aircraft 11119img.JPG Chinese fighter aircraft


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5th January 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Some amazing work mate!

I simply love the plane renders! Unique and great attention to detail!

I'll be sure to post what u posted above on HL2Files.com when it comes back on-line! :)