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17th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hey! I know everyone wants to participate in a little backstabbing, so i'll just get right down too it. Some friends of mine, and of course me, are currently trying to pull together a mod team, but in the first couple of meetings, its growing pretty obvious that the personalities involved won't work. So one prospect member of that team, and, decided to circumvent the variety of issues presented by that. Which, is why i'm here. I'm a skinner, my friends a modeller, and we're looking for the other components of a team. I'd love to talk to you more about what roles those are if you post any questions. The basic premise of the kind of team we want (and the primary issue of the last team) is doing one thing well. Everyone says that starting out...but i want to be sure we can do what we intend to do, and doing it with enough style and expertise to make it a joy to play, and if at all possible, to look at too. As for the actual mod itself... a single player campaign and one based around a character who is authorized to use any means nessecary, and will, to prevent (warning buzzword) 'terrorists' from attacking his country. Set in the near future (think, within the next decade) the enviroment will be familiar to our time, and weapons and equipment too, but with new guns and modifications added, in a realistic leap, no disinigration rays. I know, i know, we all wanted it, but it just won't work. Also, i'm going to ask for a writer, someone with enough skill and enough commitment to give me a concerted, and entertaining story, something i feel is equally important as the rest. Thanks dudes, i'm looking forward to it.