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30th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Dawn of the Dead looks like a really cool movie...a good horror. The preview with the little girl and the husband & wife is a bit freaky, but it just makes me want to see it more...and the shots of the people running away from zombies with everything wrecked/burning is really realistic, and frightening. The idea of the dead walking the earth is a crazy idea, and "hell being full" is very weird, but intruiging. That plague makes the bubonic one look like a cold..:p I'm really looking foward to going to see that movie...750,000 people, down to seven, and a shatload of zombies(looking for flesh)...It's a good premise, a bit like Resident Evil's (and 28 days later's), but better. Maybe it's just me...:) So, anyone else want to see it as much as I do? And aren't there some older "Dawn of the Deads"? :type: