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24th October 2002

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#11 16 years ago

Smallville's alright... ain't exactly one of my favourite shows though because the whole thing hooks on those big events you just know they won't wheel out until they've wrung all the interest from the series that they can- ie. ooh ooh is Lex about to turn bad? Nope... can't be long now right? yes? damn. Then there's the Lana thing. The discovering his destiny thing. Etc. It's good to see the show's character relationships evolving this season, but the Big Events are what the show uses as a foundation and therefore it's flawed.

Now a good show... Roswell!! Why this show was cancelled (twice..) but Dawson's Creek is STILL boring people worldwide is beyond me.

/2cents :P

:edit: whoa, last post in September?? this forum seems rather deadish...

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