Star Trek vs. Star Wars 1973 replies

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9th April 2003

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#1971 17 years ago

Of cause! Star Trek Ships can go into the sun's corona with the special shielding that was developed in one episode and used in another when being chased by Lore's Borg! If they withstand extreme temperatures and all that radiation emmited from a star then they easily absorb some lasers. Just because you have figures doesn't prove anything when there contridicted on screen! Plus, when has someone been vapouised by a simple hand weapon? Federation hand held phasers were vapourising people (and monsters) in TOS which is over 100 years before TNG! I know that Turbolasers and normal lasers used on Capital ships are much more powerful, but so are the Phasers on Federation Ships! Plus, when do we see Torpedos used in SW? We saw it on EP: 4 but never again! Even if they do have them fitted in (which I would have thourght so) We never see them used or at least frequently!


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28th June 2003

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#1972 17 years ago

Originally posted by y2ktm2 I'm not worthy? who's the one who has multilple personas, gives himself allys, gets bannd several times and dousn't get the hint, AND flames people, INCLUDING moderators Book, please...........

oh, ya, I forgot to add, post's multiple times in a row, and ignores CANNON

(ooh, mispelled it agean, clumsy me......)

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20th May 2003

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#1973 17 years ago
Originally posted by Corrupter Look at this spazz. Rofl. You don't like me, because as long as I'm around, you cannot float a single point. So you want to get rid of me. I find that amusing. Even if I do get banned again (I'll just make another name), it looks like there are several people here who are giving you a hard time anyway, and I absolutley LOVE it. It's funny as all hell, watching the Trekkies run around like chickens without heads with absolutely no information other then the crap they think up. Hillarious.

A word of advice. Don't make accusation like this. It just gives the Trekkies another reason to ignore your posts (and the rest of those from the pro-SW side). I guess they still don't understand what an Ad Hominem fallacy is or why its bad.

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13th November 2002

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#1974 17 years ago

Thread closed as we have too many idiots who cant see beyond a flame (this is not pointed at darth servo)