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5th September 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hmmm, I was just playing some PoE, and I was on the winning team. (I had started out on that team, I didn't switch :rolleyes: ) Then I got autobalanced to the losing team. Autobalance can be annoying at some times, but useful at others. It's annoying when you're on the winning team, then you die and get switched to the losing team just in time for them to lose their last flag that YOU just took! But, it's useful at some times when there's a lot of n00bs there that are piling on to one team. Any comments? Post your opinion on this. Btw here's a screenie of my score at the end. The autobalance didn't bother my score that much, now that I look at it. :p


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26th March 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Autobalance shouldn't affect your score in the least. What I hate about it is I will be playing in a server with a few of my friends. We're all in Teamspeak. We all join the same side so we can coordinate our plans and *SMACK* one of us is now on the other team. Because we're all in the same TS chatroom we can't really coordinate vocally like we want without the enemy hearing the plans. The one guy doesn't want to just ignore us, and we don't want to make him feel like he has to help us. It just sucks all around. I also dislike how autobalance doesn't adjust by skill. You always end up with all the great players on one side and a few average players on the other. That's one thing I really miss from RTCW:ET... that and the rank system, but that'll be in BF2 ;)