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4th November 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Significant BattleGroup42 Announcement (A must for all BG42 fans) The Battlegroup42 team is pleased to announce that the upcoming BG42 1.0 release will be the final one for the Battlefield 1942 game & its engine and that future releases will be on the Battlefield Vietnam engine. Over the last few weeks we have been testing and examining the changes required to move to the Bf:v game and engine. The team are now confident that a move will bring great benefits to our players. This means the primary focus of our work now is to complete our final Battlefield 1942 release and make sure it's better than ever. BG42 Vn 1.0 is progressing well with testing of the promised new infantry classes and other changes starting this week. Over the next few weeks we'll show more WIP and release more details of exactly how the infantry system has been altered. New vehicles will include the Elefant, SU-76 and Ho-Ni tank destroyers, M8 Greyhound and Daimler armoured cars, Hurricane and B5N Kate aircraft just to name a few.

So lets just go over this again so its perfectly clear, BG42 is moving to the BF:V engine AFTER we release 1.0.

Visit our homepage ( for the full announcement and some new screenshots from our upcoming 1.0 release for bf42.