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3rd March 2008

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#11 15 years ago

BFV is a fun game.and it has helicopters!


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30th January 2004

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#12 15 years ago
Tap112drop HL2 for BFV???!?!?

I dunno, i really like DoD, but the HL community pisses me off alot. I was really looking forward to HL2, but now i'm just like "fuck it" and i'm more into war games (except Doom3). Damn i wish there was a BFV demo! :( I used the BF42 demo to find out how much i liked it, but thats out of the question now


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22nd November 2004

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#13 15 years ago

Well I've been playing the Battlefield series since the release date of the Battlefield 1942 multiplayer demo. I have played all the mods. Seen all the bugs. Experienced all the weapons and I love both Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam the same. I would strongly recommend getting Battlefield Vietnam over any other Vietnam game. It may not seem as realistic as you might like but they are working on it and with time it will come. Men of Valor is good but not even a close second if you ask me. The fact that makes the Battlefield series so great is the freedom that you can have. Flying Hueys is amazing. If you really want teamplay in the game since it usually doesn't come in Public servers I would recommend joining a clan. Check out our website at GET BATTLEFIELD VIETNAM THOUGH!

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24th July 2004

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#14 15 years ago
InterceptorHey, I have BF1942 and thought it was half decent. I liked it at first, but now i'm more of a realism junky, so i can't stand the fact that i get killed by bunny hopping ex-packers. Hmmm... That was a bit much, i actually like it, but i prefer a mod called FH. Now i'm in the mood for a Vietnam war game. I heard Conflict and Shellshock sucked, but screenies look rather nice. Men of Valor would be perfect (i kinda like infantry based) except some animations aren't fluid and bots can be a bit dumb at times. (I might get this one) Vietcong wouldn't be bad, but the screenies just show the special forces, and i much rather prefer 'grunts' (americans wearing those vests and helmets, also with writing on them. If you've seen Full Metal Jacket, you'll know what i mean). Some people recommend BF Vietnam. They say if I want infantry based, Urban maps pretty much are. Hows the support for this game? If the multiplayer decent? Like teamwork, non laming, and non spray and praying? Hows the engine (like, do bullets move fast, for will i have to be aiming 3 feet infront of my enemies lol). I hope I don't sound like an ass or anything :) Thanks!

I would get men of valor hands-down.


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27th March 2004

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#15 15 years ago
InterceptorNice! I thought EoD was pretty cool (although last i played was only one full server) but it was nicely detailed. Only thing i didn't like about it was that there was no urban maps.

Yeah EoD was missing urban maps, but it was a very good mod for BF1942 to get you in the right atmosphere. There are a lot of things about EoD for BF42 that I'd like to see in BFV, namely certain maps.

Have you guys seen Full Metal Jacket (movie) ?

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Oh, and just another Question (srry that i keep going on and on like this). Are there alot of weapons and tanks? If you noticed, there aren't many weapons in BF42 (alot of countries share them with eachother in the game).

Since it's really a conflict between two forces, each with two parts (North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong VS. United States and Army of the Republic of Vietnam) the weapons are not all too different from map to map. Sure, certain US forces have different options (CAR15/XM148 is only available on some maps) but overall most weapons are the same. As for armored vehicles, there are a few tanks, and almost every map has some form of armored vehicle. They aren't really all that different from any other tha I have noticed, except one tank is amphibious.

Now it's a showdown between BF Vietnam of Men of Valor, which didn't get very good reviews, but to me, it's exactly how i pictured nam. Hmmm... Maybe i'll drop HL2 and get both

Haven;t really seen much of Men of Valor but I can tell you that BFV's strongest point is playing online. If you aren't into playing in big servers with 30-40 other people it may not be for you. I'd get BFV, but then again I'm biased.


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#16 15 years ago

Personally, I think BFV is hands down better than EoD was for BF42. That being said, I don't know what the EoD mod will end up being for bFV, as right now it is not much. However, I did love it back in the day. Of all the Vietnam games I have played, BF:V is hands down the best multiplayer. If that's what you're into, BFV is your game. It has all the good teamwork from BFV, without the "How big is your tank" syndrome from FH. I have been playing FH for over a year now, and I have almost given it up for BFV. I think you'll enjoy it, especially if you like to focus on infantry. If you want quality single player or co-op play, get Vietcong. Vietcong has the best AI of all the Vietnam era games, not to mention a great 'Vietnam' mode that forces you to use iron sights, has no HUD, and makes it more like being there. Either way, there are a ton of good games around. Just depends on what you are looking for.



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10th December 2004

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#17 15 years ago

Battylefield Vietnam is the second greatest first person shooter I've ever played....

Battlefield 1942 with all the expansions is the best, but it is well worth getting. One of the worst parts about the game is that it has no campaign mode. It does let you fly helicopters, which if you master, can be great! I say get the game, but don't forget about 1942, its better.

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