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9th January 2004

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#21 16 years ago
:.gh|0|st.:I would have to say that i really like the new weapon set up. The m14 is just as good as the m60 if you use it right. I can get just as many kills with the m14 as i can with the m60. In my opinion people are just whiners.:'(

I know man people dont have the patience to use the M-14 they just want to run and gun. Although I havent used the M-14 that much after the patch because I have been playing NVA(I love the Type-56/RPG-7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I know that it is very powerfull and I have certainly been killed by it many times.


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27th March 2004

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#22 16 years ago
PadreThey still need to fix the NVA Engineer on maps where there are no tunnels... Why have a shovel on Hue and Quang Tri?

Yeah on maps without tunnels they should let u use the shovel as a weapon, it would be cool to jam that thing in the back of someone's head or repeatedly smack someone's backside like this-:spank: