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17th April 2004

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#21 15 years ago

LoL Parakleet. The funniest part of all this is that Beef was getting flamed about using the term "tool" by someone who overuses the term "owned"... and even worse, "pwned" (the worst, "pwn3d"). But, I'm in agreement about closing this thread. It's gone well beyond its original intent. The question was asked and answered. Let's move on.


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12th July 2004

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#22 15 years ago
PadreOn the highest settings? No. I have a more powerful system than what you've listed and can't run it on the highest settings. Hell - video alone I have it all on Medium, and am forced to use 800x600 or else I get wicked slowdown. Biggest issues for what you listed: - RAM. Double it. Triple it if you can. - You say P4 w/ HT, but what's the GHz? I'm not sure on integrated sound. I know I dislike it, but haven't seen anything solid on whether it's better/worse than getting a soundcard. I guess a better question would be "Can I play BFV with this?" and the answer is "Yes."

I have a 1.8ghz p4 and a radeon 9600XT and 768mb ram, i run it everything maxed (maybe not sound) at 1152 by the other number but i can't remember it. (it's the first availble resolution) it runs at 30fps, which is fine.

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19th April 2004

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#23 15 years ago
viralwhiteBFV. and telling me to STFU? Ummm, what that guy said was flat out stupid. So, you can take the cock out of your ass, put it in your mouth and STFU!
YOU GOTwned:
So, I know what my comp can do. Obviously if you get that much lag you got a POS. Sorry guys, better luck next time with your shit computers. And by the way, I did just tonight update my RAM to gig. Thanks for the idea bitches. Cya online, if ya can keep up :D
(ME):nodding: ----->(YOU BITCHES IN GAME)

You better watch it. You can get banned from the site for harassing other members outside of the melee. There are some here who could flame you so bad you will run home to mom crying:lol: :0wned: SO STFU your self you you will get:0wned:

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17th November 2003

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#24 15 years ago

Gee whiz, viralwhiteBFV you come here asking for help and when people do you start having a go at them. Dont bother to post here if you are going to just ignore what people say and then criticize them. You seem to have already known the answer so why bother to make a thread? The rest of you guys can just calm down too. Be Merry :beer: