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18th April 2004

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#51 14 years ago
PadreThe README: -Spectator Mode. -- Server must be setup to allow spectators to join. If Spectator Mode is allowed, players can become spectators by clicking the spectate button on the in game side bar. The player can return to teamplay by selecting the team button on the side bar and then selecting a team to join. **WARNING** by becoming a spectator a player forfeits his points and will be forced to wait before being allowed to return to teamplay. The wait time is set in the server interface.

ahh good... I'm glad DICE thought of this when implementing the spectator mode. I think it's a cool addition to have, just am hoping it isn't abused by people giving away emeny positions to teammates. At least you have the option to set a time frame when a player can re-jioin. And as far as the patch on a whiole is concerned...I LIKE IT!


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24th June 2003

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flame throwing apc...