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14th September 2003

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#51 16 years ago

I would have to say my favorite gun is the M60/RPD just because I love hearing those newbs whine and go crying to their mommy moderators in the forums (No Offense To The Moderators - It's just the truth). I use about every gun all depending on how I feel at the moment.

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19th April 2004

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#52 16 years ago

m16 m14 shotgun m79 m60(in prone postition) L.A.W. mat-49


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23rd December 2002

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#53 16 years ago

I like the M16 and M14. I'm actually able to hit things at a distance with the M14. The LAW isn't bad, but I only take it when we're being harrassed by armour. The mortar is good, but I can't reload it, even when I'm on an ammo crate. And oh how I wish I culd use the rocket launchers like a sniper rifle like the bots do! :rolleyes:


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1st March 2004

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#54 16 years ago

I like the MAT 49......... and since im a terrible aim :rolleyes:, the rpg and law! :D That way you just need to shoot in their general area and BOOM!!!! gone. (though i DO find myself running out of ammo quickly with those)



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14th July 2003

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#55 16 years ago

My favorite gun is the M14 because I always liked the looks :cool: of it and because its easy to get guys far away.